Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Carefirst Blue Rewards

It's not very often that you have chance to earn money back from your health care insurer.  Carefirst offers Blue Rewards and a way to do just that.

Blue Rewards-Health Incentive-From $100 to $175.  Financial Reward for
taking a more active role in your health.  Three Steps:

1)  Select a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) PCP and complete health screening with PCP or CVS Minute Clinic ($100)

2)  Answer on-line RealAge health assessment questions and consent to receive emails ($50)

3)  Re-Take the RealAge assessment after 6 months if you already  completed once during step 1. ($25)

Incentives are no longer result based.  All active employees on a Carefirst Medical Plan should participate as this is free money!  Additional incentives available for participation in health coaching.   The first two steps must be complete within 120 days of the plans effective date.  To get started you or your employees can visit: www.carefirst.com/sharecare.