Friday, December 20, 2013


Once again the Obama administration is making changes to the Affordable Care Act Law. "If you want to keep your health plan, you can keep your health plan".  When this was found out to be untrue, the Obama administration changed the law to allow the States to make the decision if they wanted individuals losing their coverage be allowed to keep it. This ends up falling on the insurance companies who have been working feverishly to abide by the laws under the ACA, spending millions and millions of dollars on technology, compliance and communication to make sure their insureds don't fall through the cracks only to have to go back and say "never mind President Obama says it's OK to keep your plan".  Well, many insurance companies said no or gave a small window of time to go back and re-enroll in their previous plan.  However, this was only for a year and would then need to elect a reform plan.  So, now, because their are still so many uninsured's the administration is allowing those individuals who lost their coverage be allowed to purchase "Catastrophic" coverage under the reform plans under the "hardship provision".  Normally, these plans are only reserved for people under 30 years old (young and invincible plans). Keep in mind though, you may still end paying more for that catastrophic plan than you were paying for your previous plan you were forced to give up under the Affordable Care Act. As it stands now, if you were one of those people who gave up their personal plan and are not able to get that plan back, the individual mandate does not apply to you for another year.